Polipharm are commited to developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of generic pharmaceuticals in a variety of dosage form. Polipharm has a reputation of high quality and integrity and

maintains its commitment to the production of affordable, high quality pharmaceuticals.


Polipharm Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1978 in response to the increasing demand for high quality imported pharmaceuticals. The goal was simple : to manufacture high quality generic pharmaceuticals locally to help make these medicines affordable for patients who need them.


Our product line includes 5 dosage forms : Tablets, Capsules, Liquids-Syrups, Creams-Gels, and Powders.


Polipharm manufactures and markets its own Branded Generics as well as manufacturing under contract for several international and local principles. Our sales and marketing team serves the entire country

of Thailand and our regional sales include exports to Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malaysia ,Sri Lanka, Myanmar and etc.

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