Manufacturing medicines is a complicated process. Every phase of production must comply with stringent and officially approved manufacturing standards set by local authorities and the international licenser. This is to ensure that patients in Thailand will get the same safe and high quality medicines as produced in the country of origin.(This is to ensure that patients in Thailand can receive generic drugs as the same standard of safety and quality as branded drugs). Polipharm realizes the importance of manufacturing quality and the necessity to provide reliable quality control for all pharmaceutical products. Therefore, the company invested in first class production machinery and laboratory equipments from USA and EU. Moreover, only experienced and efficient personnel/professionals were selected for all key positions in order to operate the plant successfully.

As medicine is important for life, safety would be the first priority to be concerned. In 1989, Polipharm Company Limited received a high rating from the Thai FDA for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and earned a 2-year certificate for the effective control of all the complicated processes of the production; instead of the usual one year term. The company has continued this high rating.

Polipharm is always aware of the Environment Policy and keep the environment clean and green. Polipharm not only protects the environment, but also takes responsibility for community and its employees. Our commitment is to encourage all Polipharm stake holders to raise environmental awareness and be eco-friendly.



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